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The NanoGlass ceramic coating is a new material on the Polish market. It is an effective thermal insulation barrier, used, among others, to protect the roofs of commercial buildings, storage tanks, valves or transmission pipelines. Thanks to its specific properties, it provides exceptional protection against external factors such as temperature, UV, humidity, water, corrosion. It provides significant energy savings while extending the life of the components.

Thermal insulation - NanoGlass is a unique product, resistant to UV radiation, which in the summer provides protection against solar radiation, and in the winter – acts as effective barrier against low temperatures. NanoGlass is an ENERGY STAR certified product by the United States Department of Energy. Our ceramic coating provides year-round effective thermal insulation and protection against corrosion.

During the summer periods, of high solar activity and high temperatures, the special composition of the coating material and its highly reflective surface reduces the need for cooling energy. In the summer months, the NanoGlass coating will reduce the temperature under the surface on which it will be applied, even by several degrees in direct sunlight. In the colder months, the coating acts as a thermal barrier that retains heat, and significantly reduces the need for heating energy. NanoGlass dramatically reduces the energy demand of the building in which it is used, thus providing for significant savings in energy costs throughout the year, indirectly it reduces the level of harmful emissions. We estimate that the energy savings will amount to at least 15%, and the investment, thanks to the reduction of energy costs, will pay for itself within the first 12-14 months.

In addition to its exceptional insulating properties, the NanoGlass coating provides many other additional benefits:

Corrosion/Condensation Control - The NanoGlass coating physically adheres to the surface it insulates, forming a surface barrier that significantly reduces Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). It is therefore an excellent choice to combat rust and condensation, which cannot be achieved by conventional insulation.

Fire resistance - NanoGlass is characterized by a very low fire spread parameter. Lloyds Register classifies NanoGlass as a fire retardant material with a low flame spread rating of 5 on a scale of 1 to 100. Smoke toxicity measurements have shown it to be a 5 on a scale of 1-100.

Environmentally friendly - the coating is certified by the US Department of Energy. The material has the Energy Star Certificate.

Moisture control - because it adheres completely to the surface it is applied to, it effectively protects the substrate against moisture thus significantly reducing condensation.

Flexibility - The coating is flexible, extremely light - it easily expands and contracts with the substrate on which it is applied; expansion and contraction of the roof caused by temperature changes is not able to damage it.

Top layer/ - an easy-to-maintain, abrasion-resistant coating that protects surfaces against rain, frost, heat and rapid temperature changes as well as rust, chemical vapors and mould. At the same time, it also reduces vibration and noise.

Easy to clean - Acrylic based product that is easy to clean; can be washed with soap and water.

Advantages - Compared to traditional forms of insulation - NanoGlass offers additional advantages as it is a liquid ceramic form of barrier insulation. Independent certified tests have shown that NanoGlass is at least as effective as 10 cm of traditional R20 insulation plus it has additional reflective properties. The product effectively protects the surface against rust and reduces the spread of fire, which cannot be achieved with other traditional forms of insulation. That is why NanoGlass coatings are definitely more effective than traditional insulation.

Very affordable - NanoGlass products and their installation are very affordable. Most often, this technology is cheaper than the material and installation of traditional forms of insulation, and is also more effective!

Proven technology - the quality of our NanoGlass products is confirmed by numerous tests and many years of use. Our products have been used successfully for many years; their use was preceded by many years of intensive laboratory research conducted by certified research laboratories. Research and evaluation of the thermo-physical properties of materials from the NanoGlass group were conducted, among others, by Thermophysical Properties Research Labs, Purdue University, the US Navy, McDonnell Douglas, Ingalls Shipbuilding, The British Royal Navy, Boeing, Lloyd's Register and other certified research organizations.

10 Year Warranty - TMC warrants NanoGlass as insulation under normal use and installation conditions for a period of 10 years from the date of installation.

NanoGlass coatings are used by over 100 Fortune 500 industrial organizations. Their unique performance characteristics make NanoGlass a clear leader in the field of ceramic insulating coatings. They are the obvious choice compared to other common insulation materials.

The NanoGlass brand is recognized around the world and is highly valued due to the very high quality of service provision and high level of support and service.

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