High emmisivity coatings


TMC offers innovative technology for industrial heating devices, significantly improving the efficiency of production processes. GreenCoat-HE coating systems are ceramic materials with high emissivity and re-emissivity of thermal radiation, developed especially for industrial heating systems operating in the temperatures ranging up to 1650°C. Our high emissivity coatings ensure increased heat transfer, energy savings, increased production, reduced downtime, increased material durability and lower emissions to the atmosphere.

Additionally application of GreenCoat-HE effectively eliminate problems caused by thermal shocks, erosion and corrosion, typically occurring in industrial installations. This type of failure mainly occurs in installations such as column tops, condensers, boiler installations, heat exchangers, furnaces, superheaters, pumps, valves, stacks and reactors. Corrosion processes result in downtimes, or at least in a significant reduction in the efficiency of installations, caused by strength degradation of construction materials and slag deposition on surfaces of heat exchangers, radiant tubes and other sections of installations. The coating we propose effectively eliminates these problems. The choice of a specific coating depends on the type of substrate, chemical compounds present in the system and operating temperature.

In order to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of radiant heating systems, boilers, industrial furnaces, waste incineration plants and furnaces used in the ceramic industry, chemical processing, metallurgy and refineries, we recommend the use of our high emissivity GreenCoat-HE coatings.

The proposed coatings provide increased heat transfer, resulting in significant energy savings, increased production, shorter downtimes, increased durability of lining materials and lower CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. GreenCoat-HE coatings can be applied in a shop conditions, at the stage of equipment production, or on-site at the installations during shutdowns. They can be used on existing, old refractory  or tube materials as well as on a new ones. Thanks to GreenCoat-HE coatings, the radiation and convection energy generated in the gas combustion process is absorbed by the surface of the coating and evenly re-radiated throughout the device, creating an even temperature distribution.

When using GreenCoat-HE high-emissivity materials, the thermal energy absorbed by the coating is re-radiated and then absorbed by the cooler product. Thanks to this, both metal parts and refractory ceramics work at a lower temperature, they "retain" less thermal energy, thus reducing energy losses. GreenCoat recovers valuable energy that is normally wasted because the coating acts as a "heat store" during the cyclic operation of the installation.

Increasing the emissivity of the refractory material increases the thermal energy returned to the working area of the device / absorbed by the product, which reduces fuel consumption. Alternatively, instead of reducing fuel consumption, you can increase system efficiency by increasing productivity without increasing fuel consumption.

Materials and technologies for increasing emissivity and thermal conductivity.

GreenCoat-HE are high emissivity ceramic coating materials specially developed for application on dense and soft refractory surfaces (concrete, refractory bricks and low density ceramic wool and slabs) and ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

GreenCoat-HE high-emissivity coatings operate using the black body principle. They have been designed to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of industrial equipment with infrared radiators, industrial furnaces, waste incineration plants, tunnel kilns for firing ceramics, and heating systems used in the chemical, metallurgical and refinery industries. Natural gas and oil savings of several percent have been reported with these coatings.

It is recommended to cover as much of the lining as possible with an emissive coating to ensure less heat loss and greater energy savings.

High emissivity coatings absorb and re-emit significantly more radiation and convective heat than uncoated lining surfaces. GreenCoat-HE emissivity coefficient is approx. at 0.9-0.98 level. For comparison, for refractory linings this number is the 0.4 – 0.5 range. In the case of refractory materials, the application of the high emissivity layer reduces the amount of thermal energy stored by the linings, which, in addition to increased device efficiency, also results in lower thermal shock and related thermal stresses in the lining, and thus their increased operational life and reduced repair costs. Due to the fact that the refractory consume less energy, the product heats up faster, which shortens the cycle time, reduces fuel consumption and thus reduces production costs.

The effects of applying GreenCoat-HE coatings include faster product heating, reduced cycle times and reduced energy costs. What's more, the proposed coatings significantly increase the durability of linings.

The indirect effect of the use of the proposed materials is a significant reduction in the increasingly costly CO2 emissions. Currently, the prices of CO2 emission allowances are approx. EUR 100/tonne.

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