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TMC Poland offers a range of innovative, efective solutions to the typical problems occuring in Refinery and Chemical industries which causee damage to very expensive production equipment and production losses. Most of these problems are caused by combination of several factors such as high temperature, very corrosive atmosphere and eroion caused mechanical damage.

TMC’s GreenEco coatings protect  equipment and damage caused by by erosion and corrosion, resulting in  improvement of installation efficiency by significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Failures resulting from corrosion processes ,occur mainly in equipment such as top sections of columns, condensers, boiler installations, heat exchangers, furnaces, pumps, valves, stucks and reactors, as well as boiler waterwalls, tubes and superheaters.

Corrosion and erosion processes often result in catastrophic failures resulting from a decrease in the strength of construction materials, and slag deposition.

Our GreenEco ceramic and TuffCorr metalic coatings effectively protect steel surfaces against the most aggressive, high temperature corrosion and moderate erosion.

If severe erosion is the major problem application of our amorphous metal TuffStuff coating will provide incomparably effective protection.

Depending on the type of chemical compounds present and the operating temperature, the type of coating that will work best in specific conditions is selected. The GreenEco, TuffStuff and TuffCorr coatings offered by TMC effectively protect your expensive assets against almost any type of damage.

GreenCoat-HE – high emissivity ceramic coatings

In order to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of radiation systems, boiler installations, waste incineration plants and furnaces used in the ceramic industry, chemical processing, metallurgy and refineries, we recommend the use of our advanced ceramic high emissivity GreenCoat-HE coating systems.

These coatings provide increased heat transfer resulting in significant energy savings, increased production, reduced downtime, increased material durability and lower NOx emissions to the atmosphere. GreenCoat-HE coatings can be applied in workshop conditions, at the equipment production stage, as well as on-site during new installation construction or shutdowns. They can be applied to refractory materials and metal surfaces. Thanks to the GreenCoat-HE coating, the radiation and convection energy generated in the gas combustion process is absorbed by the surface of the coating and subsequently evenly re-radiated back to the work-space, creating even temperature distribution.

After the application of the GreenCoat-HE coating, the thermal energy re-radiated by the coating is then absorbed by the cooler product. Thanks to this, both radiant tubes and refractory ceramics work at lower temperatures, they "retain" less thermal energy, thus reducing energy losses.

GreenCoat-HE recovers valuable energy that is normally wasted because the coating acts as a "heat storage" during the cyclical operation of the equipment.

Increasing the emissivity of the refractory material increases the thermal energy returned to the working area of the device / absorbed by the product. As this may increase the operating temperature of the boiler, the burners should be set to a lower level, thus producing significant fuel savings. Alternatively, instead of reducing fuel consumption, you can increase system efficiency by increasing productivity without increasing fuel usage.

GreenEco anti-corrosion ceramic coatings

GreenEco series coatings are used to protect boilers against extreme operating conditions, including components such as waterwalls, boiler tubes, combustion chambers, heat exchangers and superheaters. These materials have the properties required for specific applications, such as high thermal conductivity and emissivity, resistance to slagging. Being chemically neutral they have very high resistance to corrosion. GreenEco coatings also provide good protection against moderate erosion

Application of GreenEco produces pore-free and crack-free coatings that not only reduce or completely eliminate the deposition of slag and other impurities, but also provide protection against high-temperature corrosion and erosion, have high emissivity and high thermal conductivity, create a continuous layer strongly adherant to the substrate.

The GreenEco series materials are water-based ceramic slurries, applied at ambient temperature. The spray application process provides a multi-layer, sufficiently thick coating, free from structural defects, which will significantly reduce or even eliminate the failure caused downtime.

The final product is obtained through a thermal drying and curing process., which normally can be executed in conditions typical for a normal boiler start-up.

Being non-reactive and chemically neutral, they prevent metal oxidation and carburization, successfully protecting boiler tube material against degradation by coal combustion products. They also eliminate the diffusion of carbon, oxygen, sulfur and other gaseous pollutants into the boiler tube material, thereby maintaining its original metallurgical properties, significantly extending the optimal boiler life and reducing the   emergency downtimes.

Thanks to their excellent operational properties, these materials minimize or significantly reduce the damage to boiler tubes caused by the above factors. The low cost of application makes them an excellent alternative to traditional thermally sprayed metallic coatings.

TuffStuff amorphous metal coatings

TuffStuff is an innovative amorphous material with unique properties that result in coatings’ very high resistance to high temperature erosion and corrosion. Amorphous alloys are mechanically stronger and less susceptible to corrosion because they do not have naturally occurring grain boundaries, which are the weakest phase, and are the most susceptible to corrosion and cracking.

TuffStuff amorphous material is a cored wire designed specifically for the HDAS process. The amorphous coating produced from it is hard, resistant to erosion and corrosion, at operating temperatures up to 950 °C. A high quality finish can be produced by surface grinding and polishing techniques. TuffStuff is used in a wide variety of industrial applications where rapid erosive or corrosive wear is present. High Cr and Mo content provides excellent resistance to chloride, sulfur and iodine corrosion.

Typical coating properties:

  • Reduces/prevents corrosion
  • Provides erosion protection at high temperatures
  • Forms a dense continuous film with high hardness and minimal porosity
  • Prevents the diffusion of corrosive agents into the substrate, allowing boiler tubes to maintain their metallurgical properties and mechanical strength
  • Creates a permanent, mechanical connection with the substrate
  • Has a high resistance to thermal shocks

TuffCorr anti-corrosive metallic coatings

TuffCorr metallic coatings offered by TMC are characterized by very high mechanical strength (abrasion, erosion) and excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of temperatures.

HDAS deposited coatings from the TuffCorr series allow for a long term problem-free operation of industrial equipment, while maintaining optimal, constant operating parameters. Benefits for the customer include extended equipment life at optimal process parameters, significantly reduced maintenance time, repair costs and reduced downtime.

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