About us

TMC Poland develops innovative technologies that allow to change the economics of coatings services, delivering innovative, cost effective solutions for all your coating requirements.

TMC Poland's offer includes:

  • Service provided for the power energy industry, refineries, cement plants, chemical and paper inndustry, including ceramic and metallic coatings, providing effective protectection against corrosion and erosion of boiler elements,exposed to chemically aggressive environment or high temperatures (read more)

  • Systems design and sale of a standard and customized equipment for various coating & component repair technologies

  • Sale of a wide variety of high quality materials such as powders and wires for cladding and spraying, sintering carbide mixtures, harfacing flexible cords and tubular rods/electrodes

  • Advanced coating materials

- Ceramic coatings for boilers' protection - Green Eco/Optēcoat

- Alseal high temperature corrosion protection areospace coating,

- Urethabond,

- Rhino Linings

  • Technical consultation in the field of surface treatment

Our mission is to assist our partners with developing processes for various coating and repair applications; a complete package, that includes a statement of the problem, equipment selection, production set-up, supply of the equipment or production systems together with all consumables required - powders, wires electrodes, rods and so on.

Apart from the range of the standard equipment, TMC also offers customized solutions, optimized for a specific application.

In cooperation with our partners, internationally known hi-tech organizations, we can propose to the  customers the most innovative solutions to almost all industrial problems caused by wear and corrosion.

Currently TMC Poland is recognized as a world expert in the following technologies:

  • Laser cladding and plasma PTA hardfacing

  • Materials for extreme wear applications

  • Laser processing of materials (hardening, 3D cutting and welding)

  • Thermal spraying (plasma, twin arc, HVOF, Cold Spray)

  • High temperature corrosion protective coatings for aircraft engines and industrial turbines

  • Ceramic coatings for boilers





Optēcoat - the newest materials for protection of boilers operating in extreme conditions   Read more