Green Eco i Optēcoat coatings for protection of boilers in power plants

TMC, in cooperation with Fireside Coatings, offers a full line of cutting edge ceramic coatings. They are specially formulated to protect process equipment exposed to aggressive high temperature environments like industrial boilers, kilns, and fired heaters in petrochemical refineries.

Our coatings combine all of the thermal properties of ceramics with exceptional bonding and corrosion/erosion resistance, making our products stand out among our competitors.

Heat transfer plays a crucial role in boiler efficiency. Slag accumulation and fouling of tubes is quite common during energy production and these factors can significantly decrease heat transfer rates. Since the tubes are continually receiving a lower level of heat, the amount of fuel needed to accomplish the required production must increase as well.

Green Eco and Optēcoat ceramic coatings on the tube surface prevent from the formation of iron oxide, as well as reduce slagging, thus increasing the heat transfer rate. Materials have a greater emissivity rate than the tube and facilitates better heat transfer by replacing the iron oxide layer. They also provide a barrier of protection between the tube surface and the combustion to prevent slag buildup. Reduction in slag and tube protection can increase the life of your tubes, as well as lower your fuel consumption needs.

Green Eco and Optēcoat are an optimally selected materials for protection of the boiler components exposed to extreme operating conditions, such as screen pipes, chamber furnace, heat exchangers. These materials have the required characteristics for specific applications, such as a high emissivity, the minimum wetting by slag, chemical neutrality, resistance to corrosion and erosion.

The materials allow for the manufacture of coatings that are free from pores and cracks, which not only reduce or completely eliminate the deposition of slag and other impurities, but also to provide protection against corrosion and high temperature erosion, have a high emissivity, high thermal conductivity, and form stable (chemical and mechanical) connection to the ground.

XP61 materials are water-based slurries that can be applied at ambient temperature. Spray application process provides a multilayer substantial wall thickness, free from structural defects. The high-performance reduces or eliminates the time of additional downtime. The final product is adapted to a specific application and is obtained under typical conditions encountered in boilers at the time of renovation.

Our coatings are non-reactive and chemically neutral, and because of that the surface of the boiler tubes is protected against destructive chemical reactions (oxidation and carburization) and the deposition of the products of coal combustion. It also eliminates the diffusion of carbon, oxygen, sulfur and other gas  pollutants to the boiler tubes' material and thereby maintain its original metallurgical properties, significantly extending operating time of the boiler.

Thank to the excellent operational characteristics, Green Eco and Optēcoat materials significantly reduce or minimize the wear of boiler tubes, due to the above factors. Low-cost application makes them a great alternative to traditional coatings.

TMC Poland in cooperation with the Fireside Coatings offers our customers a full service of coating application, (starting from surface preparation, application materials) as well as the materials themselves and training on their application and exploitation.
The service can be performed either on the new elements of the boiler, before they are installed, as well as during maintenance shutdowns, in the boiler.

Advantages of ceramic coatings:

  • Very high efficiency and speed of the process, up to several square meters per hour, compared to ~ 1 m2/h for thermally sprayed coatings. It significantly decrease overhaul time

  • There are no harmful vapors, fumes, radiation, noise (HVOF), we do not use expensive gases

  • Increased thermal efficiency

  • Increased resistance to the deposition of the various products of combustion

  • No porosity - tight layer impervious to dirt => eliminates corrosion

  • Increased resistance to the thermal shock

  • Materials completely non-toxic and safe for the users

Protection of boiler components against aggressive environments is a must. Green Eco and Optēcoat Ceramic materials have been used for years to protect the boiler elements. They are considered as exceptionally competitive, cost-effective and recommended way of protection.

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